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Free GreenBrowser, presented on our site, is available for free download and requires no special skills to be installed.
GreenBrowser (translated as "Green Observer") was released in 2003, powered by Microsoft Trident (Internet Explorer engine) and thus fully maintaining compatibility with it, is also equipped with additional functionality extensions and different capabilities. At this stage it is in active development and is constantly being improved by the developers.

The browser is easy to use, has a rather easy-to-use interface, supports a lot of visual styles (skins), working with plugins (compatible with Internet Explorer), has built-in filters that block pop-up windows (including advertising), you can configure and use hotkeys, flexible settings of a proxy server to your liking (the possibility of using a proxy serverof Internet Explorer). GreenBrowser has built-in search bar, personal download manager and panel with quick start-up of web pages.

Major capabilities of GreenBrowser are the following:

  • Multi-language support (in the arsenal of 23 language packs)
  • Economical consumption of computer resources (memory, CPU)
  • The ability to customize the search bar
  • Open pages autosave
  • The ability to change themes
  • You can download and install additional plugins
  • Navigating (drag) the mouse
  • AutoCompletion of forms (data is stored for later use)
  • The browser is integrated into Windows Shell
  • Enable / disable browsing web pages
  • Multiscreen viewing of open tabs
  • Easy to install and configure the program.

The current version of the GreenBrowser free program you can download for free directly from this page.

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Friday, 17 May 2019
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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GreenBrowser for Windows PC

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0 Adolf
With this brouser I can easily change pages. Also it's too easy change the main theme of browser and use other plugins for this browser.

2015-09-27 14:32

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0 John
I don't know, why this browser not very famous, but I like it. With it you can work with many languages and save your pages, when you leave browser for next time.

2015-09-22 14:04

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