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SlimBrowser is a free application that uses the TPI for the implementation of the user interface, and Triden technologyt. The app's objective is to provide the user with a comfortable viewing of websites. Thus, SlimBrowser is a web browser, was designed as an Internet Explorer's add-on which in the beginning. SlimBrowser can be downloaded free from our website, just use the link to download.
Here is a small review of the browser's features split into groups.

Stunning speed
The browser runs faster than ever, web pages load almost instantly, media and photos are downloaded 10 times faster.

Comfort and efficiency
Artificial Intelligence combined with total automation reduces the time spent, the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes.
The power and versatility
SlimBrowser functionality eliminates the need to install additional plugins.

Security and Protection
Usernames and passwords are secure. All traces can be removed in a safe way, while working you don't have to worry about annoying pop-ups or advertisements which will be automatically blocked. Start enjoying the benefits of the world wide web safely after downloading SlimBrowser from our website and installing it on your home or office PC.

SlimBrowser is better than competitors as:

  • Forms are filled in automatically: the text in the form can be saved with one click, autologin to favorite accounts in the vast web;
  • Advanced download manager: it is possible to resume, increase download speeds up to 12 times;
  • Instant integration with auch popular social networking site as Facebook after a single mouse click;
  • High-speed of downloading photos and setting of the framework for them;
  • Easy to download videos from YouTube;
  • Several sites can be opened as a single group;
  • Translation of the text on your web pages and web pages themselves;
  • Using ad blocker to easily get rid of annoying advertisements;
  • Information about the current weather and weather forecast;
  • Popup Blocker copes with its task;
  • Selection of skin affects the appearance of the window frame of a web browser;
  • Integration with popular Web services.

Download SlimBrowser completely free from our website and use Internet for fun.

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Age Restrictions
Thursday, 05 November 2020
Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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32 & 64 bit

SlimBrowser for Windows PC

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0 John
I like youtube videos, and I think this is the best browser. Because speed of downloading is very high.

2015-11-11 18:37

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0 Adolf
High speed of downloading subjects (photos and movies), but also too many functions on interface, what I did not use for anytime.

2015-11-06 06:55

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0 Adolf
It is not very small browser, but it works quickly and without problems. There are many plugins for developing this browser.

2015-10-30 18:01

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