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Slimjet is a browser based on the Chromium open project engine, but differs from the latter not only by faster web browsing and greater stability, but also by an improved privacy policy — it does not collect user activity data.

Main features of Slimjet

  • Flexible browser settings, taking into account the individual preferences of any user.
  • A set of built-in options does not require additional installation of the necessary plug-ins and extensions.
  • Integration with the popular social network Facebook .
  • Built-in password manager and form filler.
  • Image and photo editor with the ability to compress files for quick download.
  • Built-in weather forecast.
  • The ability to download streaming video to a local computer disk.
  • Editing video files, including extracting audio track.
  • Built-in translator with the ability to translate both individual words and large texts.
  • Safe surfing with an automatic anti-malware system.
  • Ability to install additional applications and extensions.
  • Automatic update.

Unlike Google Chrome , the new browser does not require a significant power consumption of a laptop battery, since when using it, the use of the device’s RAM is optimized, while its speed is much higher. Slimjet Browser is designed for users who prefer speed, stability, security and privacy.

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