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Torch Browser is an internet browser that works on Chromium engine, and is fully optimized for work with multimedia content.
If you often use torrents, watch videos on such service as YouTube, and in social networks, then Torch Browser is right what you need!

This browser incorporates integrated torrent client, as well as media - grabber, which gives you the opportunity to download music and videos from almost any website.

Worth mentioning that this browser can read a large number of media files, and easily help you to download file data to your personal computer without requiring installation of special extensions or other software.
With this browser, you can easily communicate on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.
This application will allow you to increase the speed of downloading files, as this browser supports Chromium extensions and allows a sufficiently high level of security against malware, phishing websites and other Internet threats.
Torch Browser is so-called "Swiss Army knife" among browsers, as it has in its composition the most necessary, interesting and useful functions which modern browsers have.

Among other things, according to the developers of this application, Torch Browser doesn't collect users' personal data, as Google Chrome does, and it doesn't have any sorts of adware.
You can download Torch Browser for free from our website right now.
Key features and functions of the application include:

  • The browser is based on Chromium engine;
  • There is a high level of protection against malicious software;
  • A built-in torrent client;
  • A built-grabber for music and video available;
  • There are built-in functions that enable communication in social networks.

You can download Torch Browser for free from our website.

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Thursday, 23 May 2019
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Torch Browser for Windows PC

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0 Adolf
It is the same like Chrome, because it is based on it engine. But Chrome is more famous. Also with browser you can easily search information for youself.

2015-10-04 14:29

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+1 Jhon
Isn't the best browser, IMHO. Music playing is normal, but video and games IS SO SLOW-WORKING! It's only my point of view, I recommend it for serfing the Net without using media. ;)

2015-05-06 10:24

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0 Cassandra
I save and usead this browser programm. Its not very good for video project. Programm Google worked very fast and fleetly.

2015-02-16 17:35

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