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Maxthon is a modern web browser, the kit which includes all the necessary functions for the most convenient and safe operation.

At the moment this Chinese browser combines two software kernels, in other words, Maxthon engine can operate as Trident, on the basis of which was created by a well-known browser like Internet Explorer and how the engine WebKit, on which basis were created such browsers as Google Chrome and Safari from the Apple company.
Support for the opportunity to work with the WebKit engine, allows the browser to get the job done with new web standards, so to say the future of Internet explorer.

Maxthon Internet Browser incorporates some features that are unique to him and no other online viewer.
For example, in a given browser there is a big enough advantage by which it wins from its competitors, this advantage is in the functions related to the implementation of information retrieval.
This function is called Maxton Multi Search. With this system, the user can search for information in several search engines that can significantly increase your chances and reduce the search time itself and the amount of your PC expended resources.

You can download Maxthon free on our website.
In addition to different information (programs, video, pictures), the user can specify their search engines.
It should also be said about the main feature of the browser, which is native-mode support for mouse gestures, because the number of operations that can be performed mouse movement is very large. Besides the ability to switch the pages of the website by means of gestures, you can also easily perform such functions as minimizing or closing the browser.

You can download Maxthon for free from our website right now.

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Maxthon for Windows PC

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0 Zoi
It's almost 10 years I use Maxthon, I'm very satisfied. Don't want to change. Thanks, Maxthon!

2015-11-07 22:22

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0 Adolf
Too much functions in this browser - I mean it's very easy to find button what is needed for you to make changes in webpage.

2015-08-10 06:02

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0 Mocollo
Not bad fast browser. Thanks for the download.

2014-06-08 08:50

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