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Lightweight browser using WebKit engine
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Midori is an "easy" application designed to navigate the World Wide Web, the so-called "browser". Among the features of the browser is user interface implemented with the help of GTK+ library functions and WebKit engine, which is involved to display web pages. If you wondered what lies beneath the exotic name of the browser, you can download Midori free from our site. Build for Win32 can be downloaded from the development team website.

Diversity of the application's features currently consists of "tabbed" interface, customizable search, bookmarks, support for JavaScript. Midori development is carried out in the composition of Xfce Goodies medium, related to Xfce desktop.
So, what Midori offers:

  • Full integration with GTK+ 2, GTK+ 3 is supported, but it is at the level of beta-testing;
  • WebKit handles Internet pages at high speed;
  • The ability to manage sessions, tabs and windows;
  • Support for Netscape extensions;
  • user-configurable web search;
  • Support for user's scripts and styles;
  • Easy to work with bookmarks;
  • An interface which can be extended and customized;
  • AdBlock available as a part of the application;
  • Programmers can use one of three languages for writing extensions - Vala, Lua or C.

Those who consider this list sufficient to download and install the compact and functional web viewer, can download Midori directly from our site using the link to download.

The rest of the app's new features:

  • Confugurable maximizing of the text and images;
  • You can add or remove icons in graphics mode while working with dashboard;
  • Plugins panel added;
  • The panel can be shifted to the right side;
  • Support for IDN;
  • Mouse gestures added;
  • If Maemo is installed on a mobile device, Midori can be integrated with it;
  • The words are now searched while being typed;
  • Extensions can be turned on/off without restarting;
  • Speed Dial;
  • Feeds panel added.

You can download Midori free from our website now, if you liked the description of the program and you have decided that some of the features you should definitely make use of.

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Monday, 25 June 2018
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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Midori for Windows PC

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0 Andrew
Very comfortable function then you type a word and searching system can show you variats of information what you seek.

2015-11-29 19:14

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0 John
It is very convinient browser, because searching process is very fast, while you are taping phrase or name it will automatically advice variant.

2015-11-15 18:59

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0 Adolf
Very nice browser, I can work with it just with mouse, because it can understand mouse gestures, also you can add plugins if it is necessary.

2015-10-01 14:40

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