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SRWare Iron is a safe, convenient and fast internet browser with open source code, which is based on a source code of Chromium project.
This browser has an interface and a large number of features that were "inherited" from Google Chrome. The only difference between this browser and its opponent is the policy regarding the relationship to security and privacy of users.

From the perspective of the developers, the main cause why SRWare Iron appeared is monitoring the activities of Google Chrome Internet browser users.

Among other things, this browser uses the latest versions of WebKit and V8, in its turn, Google Chrome uses stable versions of these engines.
It should be said that SRWare Iron incorporates a feature that allows you to lock advertising, the so-called Ad-blocking function.

You can download SRWare Iron for free from our website.
In SRWare Iron developers have removed the function of collecting data about the user, resulting in:

  • no tracking of the client's unique ID number;
  • installation time of applications is not memorized;
  • sending information of the address bar, as well as reports on the presence of Internet-browser errors were disabled, as well as check for updates;
  • the alternative error page was removed;
  • no tracking on RLZ and URL;

Also worth mentioning that in the latest version of SRWare Iron 29.0.1600.1 there are some changes:

  • the function of sending error messages to Google company has been removed;
  • the function of background fetch, which occupied a large amount of system resources, has been also removed.

You can download SRWare Iron for free from our website right now.

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Friday, 18 October 2019
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SRWare Iron for Windows PC

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0 Andrew
Too many bad functions had removed from this browser, what means it has many opportunities to became a modern and fast browser.

2015-12-06 07:45

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0 Andrew
Fast and comfortable browser for all kind of users. General thng, you can download it for free, it size is very small, installation will be fast.

2015-11-09 18:49

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0 Adolf
This browser was changed in this year, it means what developers try to do some innovations for their browser. It is very fast and comfortable.

2015-11-03 19:12

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0 Adolf
It is a very large browser, but safe and convienient. It can work fast if you do not visit dangerous pages.

2015-10-26 18:12

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