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Vivaldi is a web browser with an integrated email client and online synchronization feature for Windows. It is a functional copy of the Opera 12 browser, expanded and supplemented with various tools, based on Chromium. Uses the Blink web interpreter,

Equipped with dozens of useful features, such as notes, a session basket of closed tabs, a way to display images and flash graphics, a webpage screenshot, etc. It supports the import and initiation of third-party plug-ins and extensions, including "self-written", which allows you to expand the functional part of the browser and customize it for yourself "on the knee."

Vivaldi Functionality

  • Analyzes, interprets and visualizes the digital code of web pages using the Blink web engine;
  • It remembers function call buttons located in the interface;
  • Initiates the implementation of a digital algorithm of a specific function when it is activated;
  • Automatically pauses the processing of all digital references, tools and functions (for a few milliseconds) to clear the accumulated in-memory "digital garbage", thereby speeding up the speed of the browser and the system;
  • Memorizes closed tabs and their order; stores information in a special “basket” within one session;
  • Changes the way of loading and displaying graphic elements, according to the settings selected by the user;
  • Imports, analyzes and initiates functional add-ons and plugins loaded by the user;
  • It uploads from Google distribution a list of potentially dangerous web resources, “freezes” information packages associated with them, notifies the user about the danger and closes / loads a dangerous resource, depending on the user's choice.

Browser Features

  • The combination of the functional part of Opera 12, the speed of Chromium and dozens of useful tools that are missing in Opera, and Chromium;
  • Intellectual, “independently” optimized system for allocating RAM resources;
  • The possibility of expanding the basic functionality with the help of modules;
  • Flexible customizable tools for downloading and rendering content;
  • Relatively high speed of loading and visualization of web pages;
  • Synchronization with the largest signature of dangerous web resources, freezing of their further download and prompt the user to respond to any danger.
  • The ability to write and implement your own plug-ins directly - without "dancing with a tambourine";


  • Using plug-ins can cause viruses to infect a PC;
  • The inability to set permissions for a “dangerous web resource” on an ongoing basis (relevant for any Chromium-based browser).

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