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Very fast browser on the engine Chromium
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Flock is one of the popular free web browsers with built-in tools for comfortable use of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Network resources are available to the user directly from the control panel of the web browser. The browser is designed to work on platforms with support for operating systems of the Windows family.

Features of the Flock browser

The first two versions of the program in their system configuration were based on the functionality of the Gecko engine from the Mozilla development team. Later on, Flock developers switched to the WebKit engine from Chromium.

Flock features include an impressive array of interactive web activities. The built-in browser tools allow you to display photographic materials for everyone, stay up to date with the latest news, keep online diaries, be active in the field of blogging, send and receive messages, exchange links, videos, etc.

Flock key features

  • The user has access to changes in the browser interface (by dragging the program's control blocks and web page elements);
  • additional features of operations with RSS;
  • deep security system setup;
  • the possibility of system access to social bookmarks through the browser control window;
  • Technorati support service for processing keywords;
  • use of modern content search algorithms (photos, videos);
  • Compatibility with Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and AOL Mail.

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