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The latest version of Safari browser, which lately continues to gain popularity, offers even more powerful capabilities for its users. Comfortable and stylish interface of the application, as well as useful tools and features will make surfing the Internet enjoyable and easy.

Nowadays, several browsers from different companies are the leading ones on personal computers and laptops according to the number of downloads. Some people prefer Opera, and some - Chrome from Google. Someone generally uses "native" Internet Explorer and doesn't feel any inhibited about it. Safari can be characterized as an opponent of the above mentioned giants for Mac computers, which is endowed with big ambitions.

If you download Safari for free you will greatly simplify your work on the Internet, because the product is ideal to cope with the tasks in hand.
In addition to amazing design, the browser has a fairly expanded functionality. Under the address bar is a button that quickly and easily implements actions which the user often uses. For example, a key that allows you to instantly create a bookmark, and view a list of already saved pages. Using «Top Sites» keys any user can easily see a list of the most visited by himself websites. Here are the keys and quick access to popular resources, such as YouTube. It is gratifying that the product is freeware.

The setup control panel is traditional for for browser programs. History, downloads, tools, transition to full-screen mode and other functions. It is interesting to note that the browser respond fast to clicks on links and opens the page almost instantly.
Another huge advantage is that if the user has Apple product, it will be easy for him to synchronize data onhis computer and for example, iPad.

You have the opportunity to download Safari from our server right now using a direct link.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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Safari for Windows PC

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0 Catherine
I like this browser, because Safari has comfortable interface and useful tools, so I can surf the Internet and find new information very easy.

2016-05-10 08:44

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0 Adolf
The main minus is what this browser is for Windows 7 only but it is useful, fast and lite. Good choice for users.

2015-12-25 11:29

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