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Tor Browser Bundle is a software package that will allow you to hide your real IP address from sites by changing it to another. This browser allows you to quickly start using anonymous TOR-network.

TOR-technology is based on the use of virtual tunnels that connect various computers across the Earth. Using the Tor Browser Bundle, you get a functionality that includes several components at once.

The functionality and composition of the package Tor Browser

  • TOR browser with Vidalia GUI;
  • a portable version of Mozilla FireFox, which is already fully configured and ready to work with TOR-networks;
  • installed and configured Torbutton addon;
  • NoScript program that reliably blocks various scripts;
  • The HTTPS Everywhere extension, which forcibly activates HTTPS breakdown on all sites you visit.

After installing the Tor Browser Bundle, you will significantly increase the level of confidentiality of your Internet activity, and to the maximum - your IP address will now be known only to you, and the traffic transmitted by your computer will be securely encrypted, which will completely eliminate the threat of its interception.

Tor Browser will be especially useful for those who for some reason do not have access to some sites (for example, at work, where they often block access), or services, and also if your region completely blocks your region on a regional basis. Tor Browser helps circumvent these limitations.

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Wednesday, 19 January 2022
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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Tor Browser for Windows PC

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0 Lilu
This is a very slow browser. I do not advise to use it. It is better to choose a faster browsers. For example: OPERA, FIREFOX , Chromium

2015-03-30 09:23

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0 Nana
I like this program.Great potential.All advise.:)

2014-10-31 10:01

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0 Nataiya
Very interesting programmeson.I especially liked that you can use the blocked sites:;)

2014-10-31 09:45

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