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			AVZ Antiviral Toolkit

AVZ Antiviral Toolkit is a powerful antivirus utility which is freeware. Its main purpose is to fight against spyware and adware, dialers, trojans, as well as worms and other malicious software. Free download AVZ Antiviral Toolkit, you can use links on our site.

Antivirus package also contains several additional utilities, such as AVZPM, AVZGuard, BootCleaner, and other. AVZGuard function is the individual protection of the applications, "fixed" to it. Also, the utility is designed to remove malware, which is particularly difficult for traditional instruments. AVZPM is designed to track the activity of system processes and drivers. BootCleaner cleans the system: removes services and drivers, files, registry keys. If the above list of additional tools seemed impressive to you and you would like to have them at your disposal, we recommend download AVZ Antiviral Toolkit free from our website.

Key features:

  • verification of the system by heuristic analyzer;
  • built-in mechanism for identifying rootkits;
  • WinSock SPI/LSP settings are analyzed with the help of the built-in analyzer;
  • the utility has an integrated Process Manager, drivers and services;
  • the ability to analyze open TCP/UDP ports;
  • the program is equipped with detection module of DLL keyloggers and Trojans, for that does not require a signature;
  • the antivirus utility can recover the system parameters, which could be damaged by malware;
  • external control scripts can be used.

To start using the AVZ Antiviral Toolkit right now, click the link, posted on our website, for free download.

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Additional Information

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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32 & 64 bit

AVZ Antiviral Toolkit for Windows PC

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0 Jimmy
Thank for this antivirus. My PC is working faster now

2016-02-03 19:14

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0 James
Thank for this programm. Now my life become a little bit easier:)

2015-09-29 14:05

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-1 Alexandre
AVZ Antiviral Toolkit for me the worst of antivirus programs. Simple, unsafe and parody on antivirus.

2015-09-19 16:15

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Very easy to use even for a beginner like me. Moreover free download makes this program incomparable. Strongly recommend.

2015-07-12 23:22

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0 Adolf
Simple antivirus, general plus is ability to protect your PC from trojans, worms and other spy programms. And, of course it's for free!

2015-04-06 09:54

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