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Microsoft Security Essentials is a set of software products from Microsoft, which compose a package for highly reliable anti-malware: Trojan horses, viruses, spyware, rootkits. MSE is not a cross-platform product and only works on Windows operating systems (including Vista and Windows 7). And the OS, on which you plan to install, must be validated beforehand.

Microsoft Security Essentials was designed to replace Windows Live OneCare and Windows Defender, and is intended for home use. If you want to feel the power of new items from the software monopolist, download Microsoft Security Essentials free from our website.
The license through which the antivirus package from Microsoft is distributed, allows commercial use within a small business, and the number of copies used by one company has been increased up to 10 since October 2010.

After release, MSE was welcomed by users and professionals in computer security field. Microsoft Security Essentials in the summer of 2011 has been installed on most computers in the U.S. and was one of four popular antivirus programs in the world. A popular antivirus package from Microsoft can be at your disposal if you download Microsoft Security Essentials free, using the link on our website.

MSE functionality is similar to its predecessor - Windows Defender, which is automatically disabled during the installation of a newer MSE. Microsoft Update publishes kind of antivirus databases three times a day, which are automatically downloaded by the antivirus product of the company. The updates can also be downloaded manually on Microsoft Security Portal. According to the accepted default settings, the archives are first unpacked, and then scanned. Emails and attachments to them are also tested. Before removing the malicious code, system restore points are created. MSE is not picky about the amount of RAM and during the day requires no more than 4 megabytes.

Microsoft Security Essentials is easy to download from our website anytime.

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Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows PC

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MSE was a very popular programm in USA, that's mean you can trust to this product. I prefer this programm because it's fast, takes little place on hard CD.

2015-06-27 04:26

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