Stress test for your video card
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A small utility FurMark is designed to conduct stress tests of video cards that are compatible with the technology OpenGL API. It also allows you to compare the performance of a video card with others.

Features of FurMark

The program uses a special algorithm that allows you to test the video card in stress mode, warming it up to the maximum. Therefore, to use the program, you must first completely configure the system - update the driver and adjust the operation of the cooling system.

The program settings allow you to flexibly change the test configuration, as well as run it in windowed or full screen mode and enable or disable anti-aliasing. Experienced users engaged in overclocking computers at a professional level can take advantage of the maximum load mode, which loads the core of the video card to its peak value.

Benefits of the program

  • the presence of a built-in utility GPU-Z, which allows monitoring the video card (technology, chip, memory, memory and core frequencies);
  • FurMark can be used not only by experienced, but also by novice users;
  • measurement of video card parameters and determination of the load on the cooling system;
  • quick test;
  • compact size of the program;
  • stress test function;
  • the presence of several modes of operation;
  • Russian interface.

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