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			Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD is a small-sized bootable recovery CD that contains the necessary programs used for recovery of the lost computer health. You will need it when the hard drive still stores the important information to which the access has become impossible due to the damaged operating system which suddenly won't load. Ultimate Boot CD package can cope with this problem. Download Ultimate Boot CD free from our site by clicking on the appropriate link.

Feature of this assembly is that it supports local area networks, and the mechanisms of interaction with such devices as the mouse and the USB-drive, are also added. The programs included in the package, will perform the following actions on your PC:

  • implement antivirus scan;
  • operations with hard disk: formatting, add/remove sections, etc.;
  • view of the file system;
  • transfer data to removable media;
  • restore deleted files,
  • many others.

To protect your PC and your important data from future problems with the OS, it is enough to download Ultimate Boot CD free from our website.

Note that for getting the CD, you must first record the image using any type of recording tool like Nero Burning ROM. If you always have such disc on hand, it will save you from many unpleasant problems with your PC.

Key features of Ultimate Boot CD

  • the product is completely free;
  • support for the external USB drives;
  • antivirus scanning;
  • work with a hard disk both with information storage or at lowest level;
  • the ability to restore deleted or corrupted data;
  • Software package will create backup copies of important data on removable media;
  • network connection and devices are available;
  • user-friendly interface that will help even illiterate users.

If you want to start rebuilding the OS on an important PC, download Ultimate Boot CD free from our resource.

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Monday, 12 October 2020
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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Ultimate Boot CD for Windows PC

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