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Recuva is a very compact program for complete recovery of deleted data. The program was created by developers of well-known program called CCleaner. With this program you can recover all deleted files from the system, but only if your file system is compatible with Windows (FAT32 or NTFS).

It is easy to Work with Recuva, you just need to start it. As soon as it scanned your hard disks, it had pulled up a list of deleted data and files with all details: name, file path, file type and prognosis of recovery, along with its current status. If the status is displayed as "rewritten", the chances to return the file is very small. Download Recuva free from our website.

The basic functionality of the Recuva program:
File recovery:

    from damaged or formatted storage media; from deleted emails from the mailbox; from deleted music and images from portable devices; from unsaved Word documents; Quick-start Wizard function; Deep scanning system is available; The program can delete the data which the user wants to delete once for all; Fully compatible with OS Windows; Multi-language support.

Expanded, full-function scan and search for deleted data in the system that has the ability to:

  • show all the files which are contained in hidden system folders;
  • skip files having zero size;
  • show files which have been securely deleted;
  • look for non-deleted files on corrupt media.

Download Recuva program from our site for free, without wasting time on viewing ads.

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Recuva for Windows PC

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0 George
the program is good enough, if your data is deleted a short time ago. I used it several times to recover deleted video files.

2015-12-03 19:28

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