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Program to recover data from DVD / CD
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			Unstoppable Copier

Unstoppable Copier is a free utility that allows you to recover and copy the information from damaged DVD/CD discs and other media and move and copy found files. The Unstoppable Copier programproofreads each byte of data several times and it allows you to copy the maximum amount of information that is still possible to read.

The distinguishing feature of Unstoppable Copier is that it doesn't stop the process of copying when the corrupt file is found, as in the standard copying, and ignores it, if data cannot be moved. Download Unstoppable Copier free from our resource.

Functionality of the Unstoppable Copier program:

  • you have a choice to restore a single file, a folder or sub-folder;
  • supports work in MS-DOS mode, which allows you to apply it in a very complex programs;
  • you can set the intensity of the scanning data and its recovery;
  • the option of ignoring unreadable files;
  • the ability to copy in a batch mode for greater automation of recovery process;
  • you can pause and restart the process;
  • very detailed statistics about detected data (both damaged and undamaged files);
  • displays information about errors, the opportunity to trace and keep the history;
  • multilingual interface support.

If you want to copy your favorite music, photos or other important data from drive, and it cannot be read, download and install Unstoppable Copier free on your PC.

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Thursday, 28 June 2018
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Unstoppable Copier for Windows PC

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0 Adolf
The most interesting function of this programm is recivering of damaged data files from CD. Sometimes it can save important information for you.

2016-05-03 18:32

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