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CPU-Control is a utility with a free license, which is equipped with precise tools to adjust the operation of the processor. The main subject of customization, which provides the functionality of the program, is the selection of the mode of using cores in multi-core processors.

The utility is able to clearly separate the resource of one core to the needs of cumbersome graphic editors, the potential of another - to serve a resource-intensive anti-virus application.

German CPU-Control developers have taken care of the presence of a sufficient number of manuals for the needs of users with different levels of computer knowledge. Reference materials are available on the official website of the program.

How CPU-Control works

CPU-Control is designed to configure systems running on platforms running Windows. Windows at the time of launch equally distributes the priority of access to the stock of hardware power among all the processes. Such an approach does not always justify the means; sometimes it is necessary to apply a point-like power distribution technique. CPU-Control helps, if necessary, with an equivalent spread of processes across the cores, which significantly increases the overall system performance.

Main characteristics of CPU-Control

  • Multilingual interface (including Russian).
  • It is possible to use several options for profile settings.
  • The minimum size of the program ready to use.
  • Designed to manage the work of dual-and quad-core processors (user reviews confirm the correct operation with a more complex architecture - 6-8 cores).

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