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Handy program for cleaning RAM
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			Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is a program for optimizing the computer’s memory as much as possible, increasing its performance and speed. The utility has a visual graphical interface. Green indicates the amount of available memory, red indicates the amount of used memory.

Pressing the button "Optimize" starts the process of freeing the device's memory, which includes deleting data from the clipboard, background applications, useless cache, etc. You can also start the optimization process using the system tray icon. It will help to solve the problem with the freezing of the computer and lags, which occasionally occur in games.

The program is relevant when performing demanding tasks, launching large programs, editors, games. The utility will be useful to all users of computers, its use does not require special skills.

Features Wise Memory Optimizer

  • cleaning and setting the device’s RAM;
  • remove useless applications;
  • the ability to specify the value of the memory to be freed;
  • setting up automatic optimization;
  • display of memory status using graphics;
  • does not require complicated settings;
  • possible automatic start when the processor is idle;
  • concise interface;
  • does not require a large amount of device resources;
  • only the necessary functions;
  • simple and clear menu;
  • Russified version;
  • ease of use.

Disadvantages of the program

  • Best suited for low-power computers with a memory capacity of not more than 2 GB.

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Wise Memory Optimizer for Windows PC

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