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PC cleaning utility and Windows registry optimization
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			Wise Registry Cleaner

Special utility designed to safely remove trash and correct errors in the Windows registry. Once the program starts, the user immediately receives a proposal for archiving the entire registry. This procedure prevents user from errors, making it possible to restore the registry to its original state. Free download of Wise Registry Cleaner is able to speed up your OS and may even help prevent software errors, associated with outdated or erroneous values of the parameters in the system database.

In order to exclude cleaning the registry from potentially used parameters, Wise Registry Cleaner software specially divides found problems with the registry into two categories: secure deletion of gubbish and erroneous keys and the keys, the removal of which may be an undesirable event, is guaranteed. There's also a mode that despenses with manual start of the program and tests, which makes decisions independently in each of the cases. You can entrust your PC to cleaning by downloading free Wise Registry Cleaner and installing the application according to the OS's rules.

Key features:

  • one of the safest and "smart" utilities offered on software market;
  • works carefully, securely and fast;
  • scans the registry and detects errors, out-of-date data, backing up the system database;
  • Line-by-line output of found errors found and gubbish, followed by a brief and informative descriptions;
  • Registry cleaning in automatic mode;
  • Easy return to the original state, if the action was committed by mistake;
  • Available system database backup and then restoring from the archive in order to restore the operation state of the OS;
  • The result of Cleaner's operation is significantly accelerating applications' performance and operating systems in general;
  • many localizations.

If you decide to use this program, you can download Wise Registry Cleaner first using link to our site.

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Wise Registry Cleaner for Windows PC

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