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Everest Home Edition

free analyzer of important hardware and software components
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Everest Home Edition is a wonderful program designed for deep diagnostic, testing, and the operating system add-in, which will organize the work and make the most optimal and at the same time productive, as for the software already installed in the system, so for hardware component. This program should be called the successor of the well-know, but, unfortunately, discontinued software application called AIDA32. Download Everest Home Edition free and analyze your PC right now.


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If you have recourse to the Everest Home Edition program, you can view all the detailed information as about your programs, so about devices of your PC and system. Testing and analysis in the Everest Home Edition program is carried out according to thirteen major categories. For each category there is a specific subcategory, for example, the category "Computer" consists of five subcategories ("Power", "DMI", "Over clock", "Sensor" and "Summary Information"). The number of tests carried out by the program depends directly on the configuration of your PC, but number of standard analyzes of system parameters is about 60. After installing the software, the interface language is set in automatic mode, but the entire number of languages on the menu is 27.


Everest Home Edition


Up to date, developers have stopped supporting the development of the Everest Home Edition program, and their further development is the EVEREST Ultimate Edition program.

You can download Everest Home Edition free right now without leaving the page.

Installation file data
Title Everest Home Edition
Version 2.20.475
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 3.28 MB
Downloads 412
Price Free
Updated 2017-11-11

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0 Peter
Good programm. But not doesn`t longer supported.
Вevelopers now working for AIDA.
Еhe exact same programm, but with some new features.

2015-09-14 14:36

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