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jEdit is very powerful text editor, specially designed for programmers and written in Java. It has syntax support of a wide variety of programming languages and text markup, and fully accessible source.

At their discretion, jEdit users can connect multiple plugins, this is due to its interface, which is based on the interface of the Swing toolkit editor.

Even very complex tasks can be easily resolved using jEdit, as the editor has the most extensive opportunities for this and the desired programming configuration. You can download jEdit free from our website. jEdit supports syntax of such well-known programming languages as C++, C, C#, Java, Pascal, Html markup language and many other as well, you can always add other languages, thanks to connected plugins.

Special features of the jEdit program:

  • Support for custom hotkeys for almost all functions;
  • Online help file that contains the necessary information to work with jEdit;
  • Possibility of infinite undo/return of user's actions;
  • Infinite use of the clipboard (insert/copy);
  • Automatic writing of previously deleted text;
  • Huge set of keyboard commands for editing words, paragraphs, and text;
  • The ability to install fragment identifiers for future return to them;
  • Unlimited number of opening windows;
  • Possibility of a rectangular selection of the editable area.

You can download the latest version of jEdit free, without restrictions from our website.

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0 Catelyn
Quite interesting program. As far as I understand it is an alternative to Notepad++ that simplifies process of code reading. But unfortunately file that is downloaded by the link below contains viruses:(

2017-03-07 08:16

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