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RJ TextEd is a text editor designed to work with the source code and unicode strings. Besides, those web developers who want to get an easy to use and functional tool can download RJ TextEd free. This program uses a variety of methods for syntax highlighting, has the words auto completion feature and tool tips that appear when editing the source code.

RJ TextEd provides developers with the ability to preview files in ASP, HTML, and PHP. The program contains such useful add-ons as support for synchronization of local and remote folders, processing macros, command-line arguments, the mechanism of drag-and-drop, MRU, hotkeys, compatibility with other applications (for example, UltraEdit and Mozilla Firefox).

MDI-based interface provides the ability to simultaneously edit two or more documents in a single window. In RJ TextEd distribution package there are additional tools, including a CSS editor, web browser, file manager and a lot of other tools for web developer.

Additional features of the editor:

  • window folding;
  • a large database of templates;
  • the ability to integrate into the Windows explorer;
  • scripts, add-ons and plugins;
  • rollback/redo, designed for a large number of repetitions;
  • skin builder and ready themes, the number of which reaches seventy.

Download RJ TextEd free from this portal now.

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Wednesday, 09 October 2019
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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RJ TextEd for Windows PC

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0 Adolf
Nice choice for PHP and HTML developers, many abilities for webpage creating and code generating , what is very useful.

2016-06-03 16:35

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