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GCAD3D - CAD for Windows with integrated OpenGL-visualizer and NC-command interpreter for converting three-dimensional geometry. It uses the library of GTK + interface elements, which allows extending the basic CAD functionality with third-party plug-ins and extensions.

Supports import / export .VRML-,. SVG, .STEP, .DXF, and .IGES files. Equipped with a built-in "geometry translator", which allows you to convert a polygonal mesh "in one click", including - with the help of NC-commands. It can be synchronized with the libraries Mesa, glibc 2.3.3 and GTK + 2.

GCAD3D functionality

  • Imports “geometry” from .VRML-,. SVG-, .STEP-, .DXF- and .IGES-files, visualizes the three-dimensional model stored in it using the 3D-OpenGL-visualizer;
  • Changes the location of bills and converts the three-dimensional model in accordance with user edits;
  • Converts the polygon "geometric grid" using the NC-processor in the specified way;
  • Interprets the entered NC commands and makes the appropriate edits to the 3D model;
  • It synchronizes with the libraries Mesa, glibc 2.3.3 and GTK + 2, and visualizes interface changes in the “task window”;
  • It loads third-party plug-ins and programs, interprets them by means of an NC processor, and visualizes interface changes using the GTK + library;
  • Exports the result of the work in the specified format.

Features of CAD

  • Support for third-party extensions, including custom;
  • The ability to convert "polygonal sweep" in this way "in one click";
  • Availability of an integrated NC processor;
  • Full support for the functional tools of 3D-OpenGL technology and its own visualizer, “written” specifically for this technology;
  • Flexible customizable functionality and the possibility of its expansion with the help of plug-ins "referring" to the library GTK +.


  • The lack of the ability to "print" the drawings
  • Interaction with other formats of three-dimensional graphics requires pre-installation of the corresponding plug-ins;
  • Connecting plug-ins to realize the possibility of using the technology of constructing three-dimensional graphics “conceptually different” from 3D-OpenGL technology may lead to an “unpredictable result.

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