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We'd like to bring to your attention the latest version of the free Firefox program, which has many useful features. The main advantages of the program are scalability and security, and Firefox is also fast and easy to use. You can download Firefox from our website.

The browser has a modern and user-friendly interface, despite its simplicity and brevity. Due to the large number of extensions, the program gained new features or modified the existing ones. Falling back upon their help, the user can make a selection of the functionality which he needs. Actually, that's why millions of users love Firefox and use it every day for surfing the net.

The main browser features include:

  • smart address bar, which has the function of autocompletion;
  • synchronization function, which ideally connects mobile and desktop Firefox;
  • parallel operation with multiple websites that open in a separate tab;
  • built-in Internet search bar, which you can customize;
  • session recovery;
  • spell checking;
  • handy search function on the page;
  • download manager;
  • reading RSS-feed events;
  • offline viewing;
  • full scaling function;
  • pop-up blocker;
  • reliable storage of passwords;
  • hardware acceleration when working with video files;
  • the ability of Firefox and its extensions are automatically updated;
  • numerous means for users' safety;
  • maximum support for the latest web technologies.

You can download Firefox for free using direct link below.

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Thursday, 21 June 2018
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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Firefox for Windows PC

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0 Christopher
Already with Firefox about 15 years. It's the most comfortable from all other browsers for me. I like user interface of this browser.:)

2015-04-01 09:49

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0 Анна
I like ff and not see work of browser. I think is continue. I hope I do not want to change anything.

2014-12-26 22:54

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I really like that Mozilla is loading only one active tab when it's opened! It's very useful for me because internet speed I have really slow.

2014-12-25 22:54

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I really like that when you open the program it will load only one active tab!

2014-12-25 22:45

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