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Lunascape is unique in its own way browser that is capable of using any popular rendering engine, such as Gecko, Trident or WebKit, based on which such browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome were established.

With this browser, any user can choose the most appropriate engine to use, and assign the required browser for opening a particular web page, which is very convenient for web designers, because there is a very convenient option to check the cross-browser compatibility of the formatted page code.

It should be said that there is support for viewing RSS-feeds and podcasts in Lunascape, as well as the ability to recognize "gestures" of the mouse, plugins and various add-ons can be used, as well as many other features.
You can also download Lunascape for free from our website.

Among the key features of Lunascape are the following:

  • you can easily switch between engines;
  • for users there are recommendations on the engine, which is most suitable for the website;
  • it is possible topin the selected engine to a specific website;
  • built-in protection from freezing at a failure to load pages (in such cases only the tab where the failure occurred, closes);
  • built-in support for mouse gestures;
  • the ability to install add-ons and plug-ins;
  • possible to change skins;
  • the function of texts and passwords autosave;
  • it is possible to import bookmarks and settings from other browsers - preinstalled utility for reading RSS-feeds;
  • there is a blocker for unwanted pop-up windows;
  • you can simultaneously view all downloaded pages;
  • support for proxy servers and other useful features.

You can download Lunascape for free from our website right now.

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Lunascape for Windows PC

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+1 Adolf
Here I can easy change background image for browser, add plugins and new programms for my browser - it is all easy and comfortable.

2015-12-02 19:50

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+1 Garry
I prefer Lunascape, because it has nice protection from viruses (anyway, it's better protected, than IE). Also, searching information I can use mouse gestures, what is comfortable.

2015-07-28 04:20

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