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Program to diagnose and accelerate the loading of Windows
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Soluto program will significantly increase your operating system loading and its overall operation. This program is suitable for beginners as it is very easy to set and has a simple and intuitive interface. While your computer is booting, Soluto analyzes in detail the applications that run with it. After that, the utility proposes to disable loading of the programs which slow down the overall workload and have conflicts with other applications.

Soluto lists the loading time of each program, thus allowing to determine the longest, and then, if necessary, allows you to disable them. Soluto program can analyze the operation of other programs which can be selected in the list of available ones. Soluto shows a detailed diagram report, which indicates the load time of the selected application, as well as its overall performance. You can download Soluto free right now.

Features and capabilities of the Soluto program:

  • Very intuitive and user-friendly interface;
  • Multifaceted analysis of the running applications and programs, as well as the system;
  • Clear diagram whcih shows the performance of each program;
  • The utility finds the program conflicts and prompts the user to turn them off;
  • No demanding system requirements;
  • A comprehensive analysis of internet browsers and plugins connected to them;
  • Removing unnecessary system services from the startup;
  • The program is freeware.

Download Soluto on your PC free and find out what programs slow down your OS loading.

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