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XP Smoker app is designed to speed up your PC under the Windows XP OS. You can also download this freeware - XP Smoker from our website. With XP Smoker you can greatly speed up the operating system, as well as individual programs, by fine-tuning the heart of the system which is the registry.

FAlling back upon XP Smoker, the user can disable unnecessary, in his opinion, services which as is well-known, developers deliberately leave on, not knowing for what purpose computer will be used. Therefore, when setting these parameters correctly, you can achieve a significant performance improving.

XP Smoker program is suitable for both novice and experienced users, as it is simple enough to use. If you love to play new, resource-hungry games, and your PC is outdated and there're no plans of buying a new one, you can use the tools the XP Smoker program. Disable all the unnecessary features of your OS and enjoy the performance.

Among the features of XP Smoker which should be noted, is the function of Internet connection optimization. You can adjust any type of network connection to a higher data transmission speed and efficient performance. Therefore, even while surfing the Internet, you will experience a higher rate of web-pages loading, along with their content. With the XP Smoker program data transmission speed can be doubled!

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XP Smoker for Windows PC

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