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Yandex Browser is a powerful, popular browser based on the Chromium engine with built-in security and fast page rendering.

Features Yandex Browser

  • Yandex browser runs on the Blink engine (Webkit base) with the Chromium interface shell;
  • The browser is compatible with all versions of Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and even Linux;
  • Internet browser Yandex is free;
  • For computers, tablets and smartphones, there are separate versions;
  • The installed browser has a built-in PDF reader;
  • Users can actively use the Yandex cloud server and store their downloaded files on the Yandex disk;
  • The search phrase can be entered directly into the address bar (smart string);
  • Each user of the browser can synchronize data on their devices (computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone);
  • Yandex Browser can be enabled in the "Turbo" mode. This option is convenient for watching videos online;
  • Built-in Adobe Flash Player;
  • Full integration with your own email and search services.

Popular positive reviews worth noting:

  1. Turbo mode. Initially, this mode was used and developed in the Opera browser to speed up work with HTTP when using slow communication channels, but from the first version of Yandex Browser it became available in it.
  2. Smart string. For the user, this is the best assistant, because you can enter search queries and site addresses into it, and it will give you your own hints or hints from your history.
  3. Scoreboard This is a table of mini-widgets or a quick launch bar, as many call it. Its feature is that for some sites it can show the number of unread letters and other important information, so with its use, it is not necessary to visit the resource once again. In addition, the sites on the scoreboard can be sorted manually by dragging and dropping.

Installing Yandex Browser

Download the latest version of the program from the corresponding link below on this page, choosing your operating system. After downloading the download file and starting the installation, the program will offer you to make Yandex the default browser. You can accept the offer or leave it as an additional Internet browser.


The Internet browser checks all downloaded files using Kaspersky anti-virus software. Such a check may slow down the browser a little, but increase security when downloading information from unfamiliar sources.

Yandex Browser functionality

The speed of Internet surfing Yandex browser is often compared with Chrome. Watching video in Turbo mode in Yandex is marked as high-quality. Often, Google Chrome users, by default, choose Yandex browser to watch videos on YouTube. The online translator from Yandex sometimes makes more mistakes and inaccuracies than the popular flagship translator (Google Chrome).


Be sure to check your browser for updates available for your version. This will help you, without installing heavy additional programs, to avoid the mass of annoying and often malicious ads and speed up the browser.

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Friday, 04 February 2022
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Yandex Browser for Windows PC

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+1 Mary
Like this browser. It's fast and functional. Design is cool. And there's a good choice of extensions.

2016-01-30 19:23

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0 Robert
Yandex Browser - the best browser I ever seen. It's fast and easy to use. Also, I should say, that turbo mode is a really great feature.

2015-01-05 23:07

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+1 Helen
In my opinion Yandex browser is the worst browser( Works very slowly, very long to load pages. And bookmarks can be added very little(

2014-12-09 14:02

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+1 Lana
Yandex Browser is downloaded to my comp because it is the best browser for me. It's rather quick and comfort for using.

2014-11-10 10:21

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